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In this section, are being registered all the details, documents and content of each training programe recently developed by Columbus. Our training programs, mainly take part in an interactive web-based environment, with the participation of key experts and a relevant group of universities. To see details of each one, please click on the training programs menu (in the menu top bar) and choose the program of your preference. 

Taking advantage of new technologies, in 2009 Columbus launched e-training programs for university staff in various areas. These e-workshops serve as training programs for university staff in key areas of university management. Through video conference sessions (Collaborative Work Platform Columbus-Planet), facilitators explain an array of themes every week and complement  lessons with practical work and exercises, group discussions etc. The international experiences of universities in Europe and Latin America, which are previously identified by Columbus, further enrich the video conference sessions.

Training courses have an approximative duration of three to four months, culminating in the presentation of practical work, followed by feedback from the expert and the Columbus Association itself.

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