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General Description & Agenda : Implementing Internationalization at Home 2015

Implementing Internationalisation at Home - Columbus e-workshop

Policies for Internationalisation at Home are on the agendas of many universities. Just focusing on internationalisation for the mobile minority is no longer an option when all students are required to acquire international competences. Putting a policy for the curriculum of all into action is a complicated process. It affects the core of teaching and learning. Therefore, the active involvement of academic staff is essential. The support and guidance given to them may determine success or failure. The implementation process is an issue therefore, that cannot be ignored. Ignoring it will lead to a waste of resources and money because of missed opportunities.

During this interactive on line course, Universities explored together how they can support and guide academic staff when implementing internationalisation of the curriculum. This course is aimed at everyone in a faculty or university that creates synergy around the academic staff.

The central working question is:  What can you do in your role as manager, international officer, quality assurance staff etc. to speed up and facilitate the process of implementing Internationalisation at Home?

The course culminates in an action plan for each university, built up during the sessions.

Target audience

International officers; Policy advisors; Managers; Quality assurance officers

Facilitators & Guest Speakers

Jos Beelen is researcher and consultant on internationalisation of the curriculum at the Centre for Applied Research into Economics and Management (CAREM) at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is chair of the Special Interest Group Internationalisation at Home of the European Association for International Education (EAIE) and visiting fellow at Leeds Metropolitan University’s Centre for Academic Practice and Research in Internationalisation (CAPRI). He has facilitated numerous training courses on Internationalisation at Home for EAIE and is certificated trainer by that association. He facilitated workshops on all continents and has acted as consultant at a range of universities. He was the editor EAIE’s ‘toolkit’ Implementing Internationalisation at Home (2007) and has since published a range of articles on this topic. 

Maria Gomez Ortueta since 2013 is the Head of Service of the Agency for European Educational Programmes in Spain. Between 2002 and 2013 was the Director of the Office of International Affairs at the Universidad de Castilla, La Mancha, Spain. Since 2006 she is an elected board member of the International Relations Managers of the European Association for International Education (EAIE). In 2012 she has was awarded a Fulbright-Shuman grant and in March 2011 she received the “Andrew Heiskell Awards for Innovation in International Education” by the Institute of International Education

Gillian Moreira - s a professor at the Department of Languages and Cultures (DLC), where she lectures several subjects in the area of English Studies, namely within English cultures and (inter)cultural studies. Between 2002 and 2006 she was Vice-President of the Pedagogic Council of the UA and Assistant Secretary of IFIU.  Currently, she coordinates the Area of English Studies at the DLC and the EUF-CampusEuropae Humanities and Social Sciences Subject Committee.


This web-based workshop was developed through videoconference sessions (Columbus Platform), combining interactive presentations with discussions and presentation of key study cases. Facilitators presented the topic according to the planning,  proposed also practical exercises, and motivated collective discussion in which participants can share their best practices on the topics presented before.   This workshop started with a questionnaire completed by institutional teams and finished with the designing of an improvement plan.

Agenda :

Download content and agenda  - PDFIaH 2015_Dates & Time


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